Media Personality Afia Pokuaa has chided Ghana’s youth who support politicians blindly to wake up and face the realities of their lives.

According to her, these young ones whose earnings on a monthly basis is nothing to write home about defend politicians who are supposed to be accountable to the people.

She believes that Ghana is undeveloped because the youth that is supposed to seek accountability are more polarized.

Afia Pokuaa sobs for the future of the country considering the posturing of the Ghanaian Youth and the fact that they see nothing wrong with politicians destroying the future of the country.

To her, it’s about time the youth of the country will wise up and hold politicians and leaders to account and not follow blindly.

WITCHCRAFT is when people who earn less than ghc 500 a month attack, insult others and vehemently defend ARTICLE 71 holders who receive over 20k salary, free healthcare @ home and abroad, free security, entertainment allowance, free house help etc. I PRAY 4 GHANA’S YOUTH TO WISE UP.”

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