Ghanaian artiste Papi, real name Luther Azameti of now defunct music group 5five, has shared details of why the group parted ways with their manager Bulldog of BullHaus Entertainment.

Speaking to Elvis Crystal on Asaase Radio’s Rush Hour, Papi explained that they were young at the time and didn’t understand one another.

“There was a little misunderstanding, I mean we were young. He was okay, he was grown so he was trying to talk us into, ‘ow don’t do this, don’t do that’ so I think we got it the other way round so I don’t know what happened.

“He’s like my big brother. I’ve known him since I was like 13 years old…  back then he was trying to be a manager, and we were trying to be artistes so we both didn’t know what we were doing. So, it’s a lesson,” Papi said of the situation.

In retrospect, the rapper said he wishes he never left Bulldog. “When you look back you make amends … I wish I never left him. He brings out the best in me. I feel he knows me better than I do. It got to a point everybody thought I was his little brother in the hood because I was with him 24/7… way before the music and we used to rap together. And he actually wrote my first copyright song for me,” he said.

“I love music”

Papi, who is now back in the music scene after a seven-year hiatus also shared his reasons for the comeback.

“Because I love music. When I sit back and watch like I can’t be a doctor, I can’t be a lawyer, I can only be a music artiste because I love music. I think I was born to do this I was built for this. So, I think this is better,” he said.

He urged his fans to support him like they did to the now defunct 5five music group saying, “I’m back now and you know the support they used to give to my former group 5five I still need that support, you know because I can’t do without them, I’m nothing without them and they made me who I am.”

5five is a Ghanaian music group which shot into fame in the mid-2000s releasing songs such as Number One FanPretty GirlAfrican GurlzGargantuan LadyExcuse MeMoneyLamiokorSixty NineDaddy and their 2011 banger, Move Back (Muje Baya) before disbanding.

As part of his comeback, Papi has also changed his name to Papi Adabraka in tribute to his hood, Adabraka, a suburb in Ghana’s capital Accra. His new single “Boys Taya” is out now.

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