The performance rating of the Youth Leader of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Henry Nana Boakye (Nana B) has recieved a lot of glowing testimonies and commendations from TESCON leaders across the country.

The National TESCON Coordinator and his deputies to all Regional TESCON cordinators and TESCON presidents are celebrating the outstanding performance and quality leadership style of Nana B.

Under the leadership of Nana B, several foreign scholarships opportunities were facilitated for members of TESCON and the Youth Wing to further their education in prestigious tertiary institutions in countries like Germany, France, the United States, United Kingdom, Ukrain, etc. Also, thousands of local scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate programs for members of TESCON and the youth wing were facilitated by Nana B.

In furtherance to this, Nana B has facilitated thousands of job opportunities in different fields (Teaching, Nursing, Foresrry, engineering, Fire service, immigration, police and many other institutions) for TESCON members and the youth wing.

For the first time in the history of TESCON, all executives in all the accredited TESCON Institutions underwent National and Regional training and orientation programs. As a visionary leader, Nana B has globalized TESCON in anticipation of the implementation of ROPAL.

According to them, although fundamental challenges like unemployment and lack of subvention for TESCON branches persist of which the youth leader has admitted and demonstrated verifiable steps being taken to address them.

On the issue of Subvention to support the activities and programmes of all TESCON institutions nationwide, Nana B has said that the project would be fully rolled out next semester. Meanwhile plans are far advanced to launch and fully operationalize the TESCON GH APP.


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