“The guy no fine sef,” moderator Morayo Brown interjected as Temitope spoke. Co-host, Akashat Nymat then quipped in, asking if Sammie Okposo is “admitting that he has sex addiction” because the first step to addressing the issue is admitting your faults.

Morayo added: “See how fine his wife is. So, the question is, what do men want? You have a woman who is such a treasure. The woman is a gorgeous woman and those who know her are saying she’s such a fantastic human being.

“You have a trophy that people think you don’t deserve, because you don’t even look like you deserve it…You know when he married her we were like ‘ah, how did she? What did he even tell this woman that she even answered? Is it jazz?’ You’ll now have that, you’ll now carry… come on!”


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