Parliament yesterday began the implementation of the mandatory ‘No Vaccination, No Entry’ policy.
That followed the completion of a COVID-19 booster vaccination exercise for Members of Parliament (MPs), staff, ancillary staff and members of their families.

The exercise began on Saturday, January 22 and ended yesterday.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Alban Bagbin, who announced the implementation of the policy during the sitting of the House last Tuesday, said:

“Henceforth members, staff and ancillary staff will be required to show proof of vaccination before being allowed into any office within the precinct of Parliament.”

“After the vaccination exercise, any member, staff and ancillary staff who fails to take the booster jab will be denied access to Parliament,” he added.


Giving a background to the exercise, the Speaker said last year, the House arranged for the conduct of two vaccination exercises for MPs, staff and ancillary staff and their families within the parliamentary enclave.

That, he said, was to reduce the spread of infection of the COVID-19.

“I must state the exercise was highly successful,” he said.

The rationale

Mr Bagbin said medical experts had strongly recommended that even after taking two shots of the vaccine, one would require a booster shot to provide an extra layer of protection against the virus.

“Fellow members, it is against this background that, after consultation with leaders of the House, I directed the clerk and administration to arrange a vaccination booster exercise,” he said.

He added that the exercise was not only for those working within the enclave of Parliament but also members of their families, and that was for a good reason.

The Exercise

The exercise commenced last Saturday for staff and continued when Parliament resumed sitting last Tuesday for MPs, staff, ancillary staff and members of their families.


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