The 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards instrumentalist of the year, Dominick Quarchie, has expressed disgust over how church instrumentalists are disrespected in Ghana.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, the leader of Patch Bay Band said, the church leaders have refused to pay instrumentalists because they do not understand their importance in church growth.

“In our side of the world, respect for church musicians is very low. They think you are just trying for the church so they don’t see your value. They just feel like you just come to play the instrument and then you go”

Even though the likes of gospel singer Diana Hamilton and entertainment pundit Mr. Logic believe that it is prudent for church instrumentalists to be paid, Dominick told Andy Dosty that he has taken it upon himself to advice church musicians to find better sources of income, to avoid being humiliated and disrespected by church leaders because of their remuneration.

“I was once on a program and I told the musicians there to find other sources of making money and not expect to be paid by the church. Whenever you do that, you lose respect from the church and they perceive you in a different way”
According to him taking money from the church devalues an instrumentalist and is not given what they are due.
“It’s happening to so many church musicians and if you find out the salaries they receive, it’s like peanut, and they act as if they gave you a million dollars” he said.

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