Probably, the most relatable words for many are the statement from Dorothy from the 1983 classic Movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ where she says, ‘There’s no place like home’.
True, for many of us, home is where we feel safe and can be ourselves. But it is even more comforting when we are at liberty to design and decorate our home in a way that resonates with our lifestyle. Some of us may shy away from the thought of decorating our homes because we think we should have so much money in order to do that.
But, after a tour and my shopping experience at the new MayDan Home Décor Shop at the West Hills Mall, I am here to tell you that do away with that thought.

From the little things such as the throw pillow for your couches, rugs for the floor, to your beddings, kitchen and dining accessories and furniture, look no further than MayDan Home Décor right in the West Hills Mall for your bedecked, pretty, and intricate home décor items at affordable prices. It’s been an exciting time for me here particularly because I was able to buy all the things, I had on my shopping list here at MayDan.
In the new normal, the future of work which is working from home has come into effect earlier than we thought. This is even more reason to speck your home as your environment can affect your professional life; determining how efficient or productive you will be.

So, whether you are looking to create a relaxing home environment, a comfortable work from home space or you are just moving into a new apartment, treat your home to something good from the MayDan Home Décor shop inside the West Hills Mall. Remember that you get to save money while adding value to your home when you shop here.
You can find the West Hills Mall at Weija in Accra. The Mall is home to other stores focused on fashion, health, and beauty as well as family shopping.
I had a great time shopping for my home and I look forward to exploring other shops in the mall. Don’t miss out on my experience on Instagram @westhillsmallgh and do share your thoughts!


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