Edwin Amoako, FanMilk’s Commercial Director, has advised young professionals to prepare themselves in advance in order to benefit from career opportunities.

According to Edwin, preparing in advance means being able to sell yourself clearly and concisely when you get a rare opportunity to meet a decision-maker.

Edwin was speaking at a monthly meeting of City Harvest School of Ministry, a Christian oriented school of shepherds. Citing examples from the Bible, Edwin showed preparedness in how David clearly convinced Saul about his ability to defeat Goliath the enemy warrior.

To prepare, professionals also need to build and maintain social networks. Using a marketing analogy, Edwin explained that networking is an important part of career growth. However, it is not enough to just know people, what really makes the difference is when you are ‘top of mind’ among key decision-makers.

“For example, if a major decision-maker needs someone to do a job today, will she pick her phone to call you first? The person she calls first is ‘top of mind’. In order to stay top of mind, you need to add value beyond your job title. Once people know you can add value, you will be top of mind”, he ended.

Edwin Amoako is a charismatic leader who uses a human-centred style to rally people to achieve results. Hisextra ordinary story, charisma, and unique personal mission to spread joy and happiness leaves everyone he meets feeling better. He started his career as a warehouse officer at Parry & Co Ltd and moved into marketing in the same company, before joining Nestle CWA Ltd. After some time, he ventured into Telecoms where he led the Brand communication team that launched Surf line 4G LTE, before returning to Nestle GH. Ltd.

In 2018, Edwin joined FanMilk as Head of Marketing, where he built an effective marketing team, introduced several successful innovations, and in 2020, he won the coveted CIMG Marketing Practitioner of the year award. In late 2020, he was promoted to the role of Commercial Director to inspire change and hope within the COVID era.

In just a year Edwin is credited with reorganising the sales structure and positioned the team for success in 2021.
Edwin is a Deacon of Perez Chapel and a family man with three children and a lovely wife.

Source: Peacefmonline.com

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