Ghana’s leading mobile micro-insurance company, aYo Intermediaries Ghana has crossed the seven million customers mark and paid out a whopping GHS8.7 million in claims to some 28,000 customers as it marks its 5th year of operations in the country. 

The company expects to increase its customer base by another 1.8 million people by the close of 2022, as its puts strategies in place to further enhance customer experience, add value and impact the lives of its clients by providing relevant, accessible and easy to use insurance to all Ghanaians.

Over the past five years, aYo, a subsidiary of MTN, has been at the forefront of driving insurance penetration up in Ghana through its compelling, convenient and affordable health (hospital) and life products, which allow customers to pay premiums with airtime and with mobile money.

aYo’s Recharged with Care (RwC) allows premiums to be automatically deducted from subscriber’s airtime in bits anytime they recharge their airtime until a total of GH¢4.00 or GH¢6 is paid for the month. Premium for Send with Care (SwC) is paid when one sends mobile money. The information on that is available on *170#, and select Send with Care.

In terms of benefits, so far, the highest single claim settlements were GH¢6,000 paid to a ‘Recharge with Care’ customer, while that for a single ‘Send with Care’ customer stood at GH¢6,841, which was a hospital admission claim.


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